Flexible Funding

The work of building a better future for Milwaukee is never finished.

For over a century, the Greater Milwaukee Foundation has drawn on the support of its community, the strength of its partners, and the vision of its expert staff to meet the changing needs of our community in a changing world.

In the Foundation’s early years, that meant funding tuberculosis treatment and orphanages. Most recently, it has meant mobilizing resources to support our community through the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We can only imagine what opportunities and challenges the next century will present. Fortunately, we don’t need to predict the future to ensure its promise. 

For those driven by our community’s incredible potential, the Greater Milwaukee Foundation offers a unique opportunity to ensure that your philanthropic investment targets our greatest needs and makes the greatest difference for our neighbors and one another—no matter what the future brings.

With a gift of flexible funds, you can empower the Foundation to both respond to emerging and immediate needs and invest in the deeper systemic changes needed shape a brighter tomorrow for our community.

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Read the Flexible Funding Priority Case for deeper information on our vision.


Your gift to the Community Grant Fund, the Foundation’s pooled grantmaking fund, will allow the Foundation to leverage our knowledge, community insights, research and partnerships to continue to respond to our region’s greatest needs and opportunities now and into the future.

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