An equitable community requires people to be connected to one another in strong community relationships and connected to opportunities for a successful future. Our Connected People strategies are designed to support young people in reaching their full potential.

Our goal: Support and connect young people ages prenatal to 24 to education and employment opportunities.

Early Childhood Education: The Greater Milwaukee Foundation is committed to improving early childhood education by focusing on healthy birth outcomes and by increasing the quality of and improving access to child care in the city of Milwaukee. By investing in programs that use evidence-based and culturally appropriate practices, we enable all of our children, especially the most vulnerable, to grow up healthy right from the start.

To achieve a healthy beginning we aim to invest in strategies that improve outcomes for mothers and their children, starting before birth. By increasing a family’s access to health care and effective support systems, they are equipped to raise healthy children who are prepared to enter school and ready to learn. And, the importance of father’s in the healthy outcome for children is critical; our strategies include support for dads.

K-12 Success: Students in Milwaukee are exhibiting low reading and math proficiency with wide gaps in achievement persisting across all types of schools and racial and ethnic identities. By investing in key programmatic approaches, the Foundation will support focused work to improve literacy and math skills. Furthermore, the Foundation will continue its support and leadership in Milwaukee Succeeds, the communitywide education initiative that strives for success for every child, cradle to career and creates greater alignment of systems that support or impact our young people.

Opportunity Youth (16 – 24 year olds): There are nearly 19,000 young people in Milwaukee between the ages of 16 and 24 who are neither employed nor engaged in the educational system(s). The Foundation recognizes the value these young people offer the region our future entrepreneurs and leaders. Current efforts are focused on convening young people to identify which strategies will be most effective in helping them reconnect to school or work. This work will help inform strategies pursued by Milwaukee Succeeds and will be supported through targeted grantmaking.

For a complete listing of this quarter’s grants made from our competitive grantmaking process, visit Recent Grants.

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