The Greater Milwaukee Foundation’s vision for a thriving region will only be realized when the root causes of racial disparities that persist in our community are eliminated. The Foundation is committed to practices, partnerships and investments that advance racial equity and inclusion throughout greater Milwaukee. We define racial equity as equal access, opportunity and fairness for all people, so that each can reach their full potential and are no more likely to encounter barriers or be denied benefits based on race or ethnicity.

Philanthropy provides both the inspiration and the means to work toward shared aspirations, as we listen and act upon community-identified priorities. With equity as our compass, the Foundation seeks to ensure the benefits of economic, social and civic participation extend to everyone in our region.

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Robertson_co_IMG_3466.jpgContact Ken Robertson to learn more about our organizational commitment to racial equity and inclusion.


Contact Kathryn Dunn to learn more about our community investments in racial equity and inclusion.

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