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Reed-AB-logo.jpgWe are inspired by organizations such as Associated Bank, that choose to serve our community on the local front and alleviate the negative impact of COVID-19 on Milwaukee’s community. In March, Associated Bank announced a $50,000 commitment to support COVID-19 recovery efforts through the MKE Responds Fund. We spoke with LaDonna Reed, SVP & Director of Community Accountability to discuss their decision to invest through the Greater Milwaukee Foundation. 

Why did Associated Bank choose to give to the MKE Responds Fund?

The goal of the fund is in direct alignment with our Associated Bank mission, vision and values. Additionally, the Greater Milwaukee Foundation is a trusted organization that has the platform to respond quickly and ensure the funds will be well-dispersed and managed. We believe that nonprofits on the front line will support the low-to-moderate-income communities disproportionately affected by COVID-19.

How do you see the world around you impacted by Covid-19?

Our CEO said it best – we have a long history of supporting our communities and now we are going to support them during these uncertain times. Unfortunate circumstances continue to surface each day. We will continue to keep colleagues safe and be the best financial service provider for our clients.

What does Associated Bank hope for Milwaukee and our region during this trying time?

Associated has several branches and approximately 750 colleagues in the greater Milwaukee area. We are a vital part of the community. By investing in the fund, we are ensuring that help is getting to where it’s needed most. The actions that we take now and over the next several months are going to be critical to delivering assistance to help stabilize the market.

At the Foundation, we use the phrase “Greater Together” to describe our approach. What does Greater Together mean to Associated Bank?

We have a very similar saying – “roots in the community.” We are a give-back organization and have completed over 65,000 volunteer hours in 2019 alone, and continue to do so during the pandemic. It’s part of our DNA.

Learn more about the MKE Responds Fund and contribute here.

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