Listed below are the application questions. Use this list to prepare your answers prior to working through the application.

  1. Project Name

Purpose for Grant Funds: 300 words maximum
  3. Project Budget

Requested Amount

  5. Organization's email address

  6. Start date of project (MM/YYYY)

End date of project (MM/YYYY)

  8. Chief Executive Officer's Name

  9. Chief Executive Officer's Title

Primary Contact Person's Name

  11. Primary Contact Person's Title

  12. Project Contact Person's email address
  13. Primary Contact Person's Phone Number

Organization's total operating budget for past fiscal year

Organization's total operating budget for current fiscal year
  16. How many full-time equivalent people are on your staff?
  17. What is the percentage of full-time equivalent people of color on your staff?
  18. How many people are on your Board?
  19. What is the percentage of people of color on your Board?
  20. Complete the board diversity matrix.
  21. Explain the need for and significance of the project. 300 words maximum

Outline the strategy, methodology and timeline to be used in the development and implementation of the project. 300 words maximum
  23. Describe the staffing for the proposed program including qualifications and experience. 300 words maximum
  24. Describe the expected outcomes or results, and the indicators of those outcomes. 300 words maximum
  25. Describe the evaluation process and how the results will be measured. 300 words maximum
  26. Describe the size and characteristics of the population to be served in this project. 300 words maximum

List the organizations you will be collaborating with on this project and describe how the collaboration will take place. 300 words maximum

  28. Describe the status of the pending request(s) to other revenue sources. 300 words maximum

  29. Describe plans for ensuring continued funding after the grant period. 300 words maximum

  30. Provide a project budget and budget narrative.

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