Grant Application Questions

Use this list to prepare your answers prior to working through the application.

  1. Project Name:
  2. Project Summary (300 words):
  3. Requested Amount:
  4. Does your organization serve the Mequon/Thiensville area?
  5. Start date of project (MM/YYYY)
  6. End date of project (MM/YYYY)
  7. When are funds needed? (MM/YYYY)
  8. Chief Executive Officer's Name:
  9. Chief Executive Officer's Title:
  10. Project Contact Person's Name:
  11. Project Contact Person's Title:
  12. Project Contact Person's Phone Number:
  13. Project Contact Person's email address:
  14. Organization's total operating budget for past fiscal year?
  15. Organization's total operating budget for current fiscal year?
  16. Estimate how many people will be served by your organization this year.
  17. How many are Mequon/Thiensville residents?
  18. Estimate how many people will be served by your organization next year.
  19. How many will be residents of Mequon/Thiensville?
  20. Specifically, what purpose or aspect of your program would the funds be used for? (300 words).
  21. Describe the capacity of the agency to deliver the proposed project and respond to the problem(s). Address staff capacity, how staff manages financials, how often the Board meets and reviews financials, which Board member is responsible for the financials - include their background qualifications. (300 words). 
  22. Describe the anticipated community impact of the project and how the project will be evaluated including timeline, goals and outcomes along with indicators of those outcomes. (300 words).
  23. Enter the budget information for this proposal.

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