Purpose of OAF Grants

The principal purpose of OAF funding is to support new or expand programs that meet the changing needs of the Oconomowoc area. This includes capital projects.

Grants will normally be awarded for one year, but occasionally be made for multiple years to ensure proper implementation and development of the program.

Grants for ongoing annual support may be occasionally awarded, particularly when there is a compelling community purpose for doing so. Such grants will usually be made for one or two years, at the board’s discretion; in the case of multiple-year grants, the grant amounts will usually be progressively reduced during the term of the grant.

Area of Service

The OAF makes grants to an area which consists of the Oconomowoc Area School District, but also Wales, Dousman, Ottawa and Nashotah.


Grants will principally be made only to nonprofit organizations which have been awarded tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service.

Public and private schools are eligible for grants. In both cases grants will be made for programs or resources that enhance educational outcomes, but not for the ongoing support of staff or operating expenses. In addition, private schools should demonstrate that through tuition assistance, or other means, they serve lower-income families. Of particular interest are educational programs that meet the need of special-need students.

Municipal government agencies may also receive grants. Grants will be made for projects that go beyond the core, tax-supported services required to meet the government agency’s public purpose.

Key Considerations in Assessment of Proposals

  • Capacity of the organization to undertake the project
  • Significance of the project to the community
  • Effectiveness of the project design
  • Significance and extent of collaboration with other organizations, if necessary
  • Cost effectiveness of the project
  • Credibility of plan for continued funding after grant period, when applicable

Priority will be given to projects pertaining to:

  • Arts and culture
  • Basic necessities, including food and shelter for those most in need
  • Children and youth, particularly teens
  • Economic development
  • Education: Extra curricular or enrichment activities beyond the core curriculum
  • Elders, particularly those with limited access to community services
  • Environment: Preservation through reduction of pollution, conservation or restoration of natural areas, education, or protection of wildlife
  • Health: Support services for persons facing life-threatening conditions or the families of such persons 
  • Services for persons with physical or emotional disabilities or persons with additions.

Final Reports

All organizations receiving grants must file a final report, as explained in the award letter. The final report confirms that the project was completed and explains the degree to which project’s goals were met.

Final reports must be filed for an agency to be eligible for future grants.

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