Ethics policy reflects Foundation practices, principles

As a community foundation serving and representing a diverse metropolitan region, the Greater Milwaukee Foundation fiercely honors the dignity of all people. Both within our organization and throughout the broader community, we place a premium on integrity and advancing solutions that are effective and just.

Racial equity and inclusion is the Foundation’s North Star, guiding where we lead and follow to support and collaborate with community to achieve our shared vision for a thriving region. The Foundation celebrates differences and pledges to work with urgency and purpose to purge racism from our foundation and society’s systems and topple hate and discrimination in all its forms.

There has been an ongoing effort in the community foundation field and the broader field of philanthropy to define and prevent funding of groups that promote hatred and violence. Staff at the Foundation have consulted with peers across the country and participated in research conducted by the Council on Foundations to develop resources related to hate funding and to inform us in our efforts to ensure we have sound policies and practices in place. 

An important component of this commitment is the Foundation’s ethics policy, which emphasizes that the organization will not tolerate actions that compromise its reputation or integrity. Namely, this includes actions or conduct that do not align, or appear not to align, with the Foundation’s mission and values. This policy is being incorporated into processes throughout the organization.

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