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Hungry for more – On the Table MKE hosts reflect on inspirational day

Harnessing the power of face-to-face conversation, thousands of people who gathered Oct. 9 for On the Table MKE strengthened the community’s fabric and prospects for the future. Thanks to the vision and leadership of hundreds of hosts who facilitated deep, meaningful discussions across the region, the Greater Milwaukee Foundation initiative was a tremendous success on which our community will…
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Video: From crucial conversations to community change

Strong relationships are at the heart of any thriving community. Through On the Table MKE, people throughout our region grew their networks, thought collaboratively about issues and committed to acting on solutions individually and collectively. Your voice matters. What will you do with the power it holds?
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Photos: An inside look at On the Table MKE

The scene unfolded in many unique ways throughout southeastern Wisconsin this month, but the region’s largest series of synchronized community conversations had a few elements in common. A table. A meal. A gathering of committed people eager to make new connections and collaborate for the benefit of our community.
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