Research informs GMF investment in early childhood care and education

How do current systems get in the way of our youngest children’s opportunity to learn and thrive? A recent report commissioned by the Greater Milwaukee Foundation found half of all Milwaukee children lack access to the early childhood care and education needed to support their future success. The data revealed several key barriers to services including limited quality, high cost, scarcity of programs serving infants and toddlers, insufficient hours of operation, and restricted geographic access. The findings also raised opportunity for community-focused strategies to be implemented.

To ensure equitable access, the Foundation plans to focus its initial investments on infant and toddler care access and affordability and has established an early childhood care and education fund to help support partners and implement the work. The Foundation has also been analyzing the results and sharing with community stakeholders to inform efforts in the sector.

Read the full, interactive report: A Seat at the Table– Ensuring Equitable Access to Early Childhood Education in Milwaukee.

A comprehensive feature in the Foundation’s upcoming spring 2020 Greater Together magazine will include stories, partner spotlights and a Q&A with our communitywide education partnership, Milwaukee Succeeds.