Below are a number of informational pieces you can use with your clients to introduce them to the Greater Milwaukee Foundation and guide them through the charitable giving process.

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Charitable Funds

cf-agency-endowments.png cf-charitable-funds.png cf-designated-funds.png cf-daf-family.png

Agency Endowments

Stability for a secure future

Charitable Funds

Choose the one that is right for you

Designated Fund

Helping sustain and grow nonprofits

Donor Advised Fund

Creating a family tradition around the joy of giving

cf-daf-corp-exec.png cf-daf-corp.png cf-daf-faq.png cf-field-of-interest.png

Donor Advised Fund-Corporate Executive

Giving back and staying involved

Donor Advised Fund-Corporation

Helping companies do good things for people

Donor Advised Fund

Frequently Asked Questions

Field of Interest Fund

Connecting personal values to high impact opportunities

cf-start-a-fund.png cf-scholarship.png cf-supporting-foundations.png cf-unrestricted.png

Four Simple Steps to Start a Fund



Scholarship Fund

Investing in tomorrow's leaders


Supporting Foundations

An alternative to a private foundatio



Unrestricted Fund


Meeting ever-changing community needs







Professional Advisers

Advice_on_Charitable_Giving.png pa-hjm.png pa-listening.png PA_Resources.png

Advice on Charitable Giving

Working together for clients and community

Herbert J. Mueller Society

Recognizing professional advisers who make a difference

Listening for Charitable Opportunities

Helping your clients achieve their charitable goals

Professional Adviser Resources

Your partner in planned giving

Ways to Give

wg-bequest-by-will.png wg-beneficiary-designation.png wg-gift-annuity.png wg-charitable-lead-trust.png

Bequest by Will

Creating a personal legacy of giving

Charitable Beneficiary Designation

Choosing community over taxes

Charitable Gift Annuity

Generating income today and a gift

Charitable Lead Trust

Giving back to community and your loved ones

wg-charitable-remainder-trust.png wg-stock.png wg-life-insurance.png wg-real-estate.png

Charitable Remainder Trust

Planning for the future - for you and your community

Gift of Appreciated Stock

Turning stock market gains into community investment

Gift of Life Insurance

Designating the community as your beneficiary

Gift of Real Estate

Unleashing the potential of property

wg-legacy.png wg-ways-to-give.png    

Legacy Society

The gift that lives forever


Ways to Give

We invite you to make a lasting investment in our community




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