More than 1,300 individuals, families and organizations have chosen the Greater Milwaukee Foundation as their charitable giving partner. We feel privileged to have the opportunity to help them bring their mission to life and make a lasting impact on their communities.

The following list includes unrestricted, donor advised, designated, field of interest and scholarship funds. Separate lists are available for agency endowments, and supporting organizations.

updated August 2018

Dr. Carl W. Eberbach and Elisabeth Falk Eberbach Fund

Ebert Family Fund

Irene Edelstein Memorial Fund

Rita Edquist Memorial Fund

Rita and Carl Edquist Fund

Education Research Trust Fund

Merle R. and Eunice Eggen Fund

Carrie Ehlers Memorial Scholarship Fund

Judy and Laurence Eiseman Fund

Ellis Family Foundation Fund


Gertrude Elser and John Edward Schroeder Fund


Engel Family Fund

Enroth Family Fund

Eleanor N. Wilson Fund

Episcopal Charitable Trust-Michael J. Stolpman Memorial Fund

Ely and Marianne Epstein Family Fund

Miriam and Carlton Ericksen Fund

John C. Ericksen Youth Fund

Daniel Lee Erling and Carol June Erling Fund

John Ernst Memorial Fund

Raymond and Bernice Eschenburg Fund

Franklyn and Barbara Esenberg Fund

Eunice and Allen Everitt Family Fund

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