More than 1,300 individuals, families and organizations have chosen the Greater Milwaukee Foundation as their charitable giving partner. We feel privileged to have the opportunity to help them bring their mission to life and make a lasting impact on their communities.

The following list includes unrestricted, donor advised, designated, field of interest and scholarship funds. Separate lists are available for agency endowments, and supporting organizations.

updated August 2018

Gilbert J. and Rose Nelson Howard Memorial Scholarship Fund

Patricia Ray Howell Fund

Stuart and Margaret Hoyt Fund - Journal Fund

Helen M. Hrkel Fund

Susan G. and James A. Hubbard Charitable Fund

Ruth Huber Fund

A. William and Joanne B. Huelsman Fund

Terry A. Hueneke Fund

Margaret and Kenneth Huff Fund

Phyllis Huffman Fund

Humber Family Fund

Hummel, Gregg and Wells Fund

Philipp L. Hunkel Memorial Research Fund

David M.G. Huntington Administrative Endowment Fund

Margo and Sean Huston Fund

Jean Hutchinson Arts Fund

Edward Inderrieden and Jean Maier Fund

Interfaith Waukesha County Fund

Charles R. and Elizabeth H. Iversen Fund

Dr. John H. and Cynthia A. Jackson Scholarship Fund

Lorena Jacobson Scholarship Fund

Delwin and Harriet Jacobus Family Fund

Dorothy E. Jaeger Fund

Jean Dale and Cedric H. Jaggard Fund

Charles V. and Carol F. James Fund

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