More than 1,200 individuals, families and organizations have chosen the Greater Milwaukee Foundation as their charitable giving partner. We feel privileged to have the opportunity to help them bring their mission to life and make a lasting impact on their communities.

The following list includes unrestricted, donor advised, designated, field of interest and scholarship funds. Separate lists are available for agency endowments, and supporting organizations.

updated January 2018

Carrie Taylor and Nettie Taylor Robinson Memorial Fund

Georgiana and Robert Taylor Fund

Ann and Richard Teerlink Fund - Women's Fund

Audrey J. and Robert E. Tehan Jr. Fund

Ida M. Temple Fund

TEMPO Scholarship Fund

Tendick Family Foundation Fund (DT)

Tendick Family Foundation Fund (MT)

Donald W. and Rosemary Tendick Family Fund for St. Luke's Medical Center Cardiovascular Research

Mary Tenwinkel Fund

Frances and Helen Terry Fund

Richard and Joy Teschner Fund

Parker Thermansen Fund

William and Kathleen Thiemann Family Fund

D & K Thome Fund

John G. Thompson Fund

Judith R. Thompson Fund

Chris and Kathy Thorsen Family Foundation Fund - Oconomowoc Area Foundation, Inc.

Florence Tiegs Fund

Aaron and Anita Tilton Family Fund

Aaron and Anita Tilton Fund

Donald P. Timm Fund

Mary A. Tingley Fund

Jerry L. Tollefson and Jessica J. Suhr Memorial Kacynski Family Fund

Juliet Tomasik Fund