Learn more, Invest more, Do more

Below is a list of resources and suggestions for how you can learn more, invest more and do more to help us reimagine philanthropy in our community. This is a dynamic list that we plan to add to over time with ideas from the various On the Table MKE conversations as well as from the community.

Please submit your suggestions to: info@greatermilwaukeefoundation.org

Learn more

Invest more

Consider granting to one or more of the following Greater Milwaukee Foundation funds.

  • Impact Investing Fund: Our communities are brimming with talent and assets, but in too many places, the lack of external investment holds back economic opportunity and quality of life. Your gift to the Impact Investing Fund creates opportunity where it’s needed — generating both a financial and a social return that is recycled back into the community again and again.
  • ThriveOn Collaboration Fund: Health disparities go beyond health care — because where a person lives impacts how a person lives. Your investment in this fund will support the ThriveOn Collaboration and its many strategies to address interrelated health, economic, social and racial inequities through deep neighborhood partnership and investment.
  • ThriveOn Community Engagement Fund: With our ThriveOn Collaboration, we are placing residents at the center of decision-making as we develop strategies alongside them in support of their visions and dreams for their neighborhoods. A gift to the ThriveOn Collaboration Community Engagement Fund supports community engagement activities such as community gatherings and the work of our community advisory council. 

Do more

  • Partner with the Greater Milwaukee Foundation to explore ways in which you can make your philanthropy more impactful. Contact a member of our Development and Philanthropic Services team at 414.272.5805 to learn how. 

Catch the latest conversations from our three-part A Milwaukee for All educational series.

Equitable economic opportunity

Early childhood care and education

Reimagining philanthropy

Learn more

Visit the A Milwaukee For All resource page for ideas on how you can learn more, invest more and do more to move our community forward.