We make up the fastest growing sectors of philanthropy and can be found in urban, rural and just about every area nowadays. We come in all shapes and sizes and there are more than 700 of us nationwide. 

But what are we exactly? 

Partner in philanthropy

Community foundations are all unique but share the same basic concept – we meet present needs and prepare for future issues thanks to the generosity of our donors. We are made up of thousands of charitable funds, each created by donors to serve the charitable purposes they specify. Every year, a portion of each fund is used to make grants to support a wide range of programs and agencies in the community, as stated by each donor. Over time, investment proceeds increase both the value of the fund and the impact of grants on the community.

Community catalyst 

We provide more than just superior tax advantages and a sound investment option for people who choose to give back, however. With nearly a century of experience to our name, we have vast knowledge and expertise of the community needs and challenges and what resources and partners it takes to meet them. We also offer a high degree of personalized services to ensure that you are maximizing your giving.  


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