It’s never too early or too late to build a legacy and there is no better choice than the Greater Milwaukee Foundation to help you start.

We honor your intent.  

The Foundation is known for supporting what’s important to our donors. We are committed to following your wishes now and forever. 

We protect your investments. 

Even in tough times, we help our donors sustain the nonprofits and causes they care about. The diversity of our portfolio and our focus on investing for the long term puts the Foundation – and our donors – in a better position to weather market fluctuations. 

Our carefully crafted gift policy, which recommends the amount available for grantmaking, also maximizes your fund’s performance. Based on a five-year historical average of market values, the policy allows your fund to better provide a dependable flow of grants through both bountiful and lean years.

We know the community.

We know the issues facing the greater Milwaukee area. We serve as a community catalyst, raising awareness and bringing focused resources to address the area’s most pressing needs. We do the due diligence for you and we’re always ready to increase the effectiveness of your grantmaking.    

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