2019 Reasons for Hope MKE grants

Albright Methodist Church: $2,145 to support Capitol Heights Neighborhood Association's efforts to provide COVID-19 care packages to older adults in the neighborhood.

Center for Self-Sufficiency: $5,000 to provide virtual supportive services and workforce training to clients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Club Kids: $5,000 to support a Club Kids van with the latest digital technology equipment from Wi-Fi hotspots to portable servers, monitors, hard drives, GPS tracking, and more. The van will be a portable digital classroom for teaching youth how to code and build out a national website.

Dr. Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy: $5,000 to support its efforts to increase reading proficiency for 100 incoming ninth graders.

Essentially Empowered Incorporated: $5,000 to support its efforts to provide doula services, meditation, yoga, and other mindfulness techniques for teens.

Grace Fellowship Church of Milwaukee: $5,000 to provide reading and art materials and online resources for students and families in the Harambee neighborhood.

Great Lakes Community Conservation Corps: $5,000 to engage and train opportunity youth in two community redevelopment projects in Milwaukee. 

Lead2Change: $5,000 to provide an Author Lab, a seven-week guided writing program which produces a published anthology of their accounts capturing youth perspectives through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Milwaukee African Women’s Association: $5,000 to stay connected with refugees during the pandemic.

Neu-Life Community Development: $3,750 to support the Teens Pay it Forward project, which improves the appearance of their neighborhood by adults and teens working together.

SHARP Literacy: $5,000 to support its hybrid summer learning program.

SOS Center: $3,000 to provide support to engage individuals in online discussions and activities that build community through a community leaders speakers series, 

Superior Care Training Center Corporation: $5,000 to support efforts to reconnect 10-15 emerging nonprofit and neighborhood association cohorts to engage in organizational development, fundraising and program design and strategic planning.

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