Creating a personal, permanent and powerful legacy begins with a plan. Do you want to give now or give later? No matter what your giving timeline may be, we ensure that your wish is fulfilled and your legacy will live on.

Give now

Establish a fund and enjoy your philanthropy today with a gift of cash or appreciated assets such as securities and real estate. Your gift is tax deductible as per IRS guidelines. 

Create a stream of income for life through a charitable remainder trust or charitable gift annuity. You earn an immediate tax deduction and may avoid or defer capital gains taxes on gifts of appreciated assets. Upon the death of the last beneficiary, the remainder of any of these gifts is used to create a fund or add to an existing fund.

Give later

Establish your fund through your estate with a bequest, life insurance or retirement plan assets.

Please see your planning professional to explore the most efficient assets to use for your charitable gifts. Our gift acceptance policy also contains information that is helpful to review when exploring your options for giving with the Foundation.

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