Criminal justice reform collaboration advances through On the Table MKE

Racial justice advocates working to reform Wisconsin’s criminal justice system found On the Table MKE to be a powerful tool for generating action from dialogue.

As a convener for the region, the Greater Milwaukee Foundation held On the Table MKE for a third consecutive year in October 2019. The regionwide initiative creates a forum for meaningful conversation, which made it a good fit for the Task Force on Criminal Justice Reform. Karen Coy-Romano, former activist in the 1960s civil rights movement and open housing marches, and Sean Wilson, statewide organizer for the ACLU Smart Justice Campaign, co-hosted the discussion.

The pair invited other representatives who are all engaged in statewide criminal justice efforts to end mass incarceration; drive public awareness, community engagement and legislative reform for common-sense solutions to reducing prison admissions; address racial disparities and racial bias in charging/sentencing; crimeless revocations; and Department Of Corrections policies and practices that prevent successful community reintegration.

On the Table MKE also provided an opportunity for several sitting judges and individuals impacted by incarceration to meet and advance understanding of the issues together. Groups continue to work toward visible reform strategies, showing how On the Table MKE generates results that lead to strengthened communities.