Benefits to Clients

The Greater Milwaukee Foundation is an ideal partner for legal and financial advisers who work with clients interested in having a lasting philanthropic impact in their community and beyond. Here are a few reasons why donors and advisers choose to work with the Foundation:

Flexible and tailored charitable legacy planning 

The Foundation specializes in streamlined and customized charitable legacy planning. Donors can easily review and update their plans at any time while keeping their larger estate plan intact. Our knowledgeable and solutions-oriented staff can help craft a legacy plan to include immediate distributions, successor fund advisers, forever endowments and more.  


Ease of starting and maintaining a fund 

Donors can establish a fund at the Foundation in five simple steps – identify a giving passion and fund’s purpose, choose a fund type, determine a timeline for giving, select an investment pool and name the fund. The Foundation handles the reporting and recordkeeping while your clients concentrate on the grantmaking; a significantly less complex and less costly option compared to the administration of a private foundation.  


Investment options and expertise 

The Foundation is uniquely positioned to offer donors four primary investment options that, while different, consistently provide strong investment performance. Our volunteer Investment Committee oversees the Foundation’s investments. It is comprised of local financial experts, along with New York-based Crewcial Partners, which works with many other community foundations nationwide.  


Personalized service  

The Foundation is committed to honoring donor intent and matching an individual’s interests with pressing needs or funding opportunities. Philanthropic advisers and gift planning experts partner with your clients to understand their interests and priorities, current tax considerations and charitable giving vehicles, determine their preferred giving method, navigate opportunities to gift complex or non-liquid assets, and define and reach their goals for philanthropic impact. Interests can range from education to housing, to the arts, to the environment, to responding to the community’s greatest needs and more.  


Economies of scale  

All Foundation funds are pooled for investment, providing a diversified portfolio with low management fees. With more than 1,500 funds and over $1 billion in assets under management, the Foundation offers superior cost effectiveness, strong investment returns and the tax benefits of a public charity.  


Access to additional resources  

Additional resources include a network of community donors and learning opportunities hosted by the Foundation to celebrate and grow the meaning of philanthropy. Other benefits include complimentary access to the Family Philanthropy Online Knowledge Center, an award-winning resource center run by the National Center for  Family Philanthropy, that provides information on trends and topics in family giving, both formally through a giving vehicle and on an informal basis.  

Donors may receive our various publications, which share how our many partners are working with the Foundation to build a Milwaukee for all, including the Greater Together magazine, the Greater Together e-newsletter, donor brochures and more. 


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