The Greater Milwaukee Foundation’s Legacy Society recognizes and honors the hundreds of generous individuals who have included the Foundation in their estate plans. We are honored that these individuals have entrusted us with the responsibility of helping create and grow their lasting charitable legacy.

Please note: All charitable fund holders are also members. 

Jon G. and Glenda E. Holm

Mr. and Mrs. Pete Holtz

Susan and Howard Hopwood

Sally D. Hoyt and Vaughn Ausman

Susan G. Hubbard

Vivian Hughes

Margo and Sean Huston

Mike and Penny Isermann

Gwen T. Jackson

Scott and Merry Jaeger

Doug Jansson

Geneva B. Johnson

Peter Johnson and Debra Brandt Johnson

Steven C. Johnson

Mrs. William A. Johnson

Judith W. Jones

Judy and Gary Jorgensen

Debra J. Jupka

Patricia Keating Kahn and Charles Kahn, Jr.

Scott and Karen Kaisler

Lynnea Katz-Petted and Paul Petted

Richard M. Kaul

Judith A. Keyes

James W. Kiefer

Kenneth and Christine Kiel

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Contact Mary Kay Mark to learn how you can leave a legacy with the Foundation.