Below are common questions about the Greater Milwaukee Foundation’s grantmaking priorities, philosophy and process. If your question is not answered here, please contact a member of our Community Impact team.

What does the Greater Milwaukee Foundation mean by Racial Equity and Inclusion? Racial equity and inclusion means equal access for all people, so all can reach their full potential and are no more likely to encounter barriers or benefits based on race or ethnicity.

Can an organization submit an application for a project and submit an application as a fiscal agent for another organization in the same cycle? Yes, but the organization must first contact the Grants Management team.

Can an organization submit several applications in the same fiscal year? If an organization is not awarded funding in one cycle they may submit a new application in a subsequent cycle if the request aligns with that cycle’s funding strategies.

Do the projects need to be new or can they be existing projects? An organization may submit a new or existing project that aligns with the cycle’s funding strategies.

What about a religious organization that does not have a Federal Form 990. Are we still eligible? Religious organizations are eligible to apply for support of nonsectarian projects but must provide Group Ruling documentation and a W-9.

What is the difference between a Targeted Grant Application and a Responsive Application? A targeted grant application focuses on projects and programs that align with our Connected People and Thriving Communities strategies. A responsive application supports projects that fit within a broader set of priorities.

What is an evidence-based practice? Evidence-based practices are activities that have been proven effective through a valid outcome evaluation.

Do all grant requests need to focus on the Foundation’s priority neighborhoods? No, only requests for the targeted Thriving Communities applications (community capacity building, equitable economic opportunities and physical environment).

What are the Foundation’s priority neighborhoods for the thriving communities work? The neighborhoods are Harambee, Metcalfe Park, Muskego Way, Sherman Park East, Clarke Square, North Division, Silver Spring, Halyard Park and Brewers Hill.

Can an organization submit more than one grant application during the same cycle? No, an organization can only complete and submit one application per cycle.

Do you make grants to capital campaigns? Yes, grants to capital campaigns are considered and are evaluated based on the project for which funds are being raised and if the project is consistent with the Foundation’s priorities. The Foundation does not award grants to endowment campaigns.

Do you fund salaries and operating expenses? We do not fund ongoing operating expenses but we do fund requests for programming that may include salaries.

Do you give any multi-year grants? Yes, we may provide multiple year funding.

Do you provide emergency funding? As community needs arise, the Foundation tries to be as responsive as possible. Funding for emergencies requires a discussion with one of the Community Impact program officers.

Do you sponsor special events? Funding for special events must align with the Foundation’s priorities and requirements. Requests should be submitted in writing to Jeannie Fenceroy, Senior Program Manager - Education and Scholarships.

Will the Foundation award grants to fiscal sponsors on behalf of applicants who are not 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations? Yes, provided the fiscal sponsor meets our eligibility criteria. The grant application must be completed by the fiscal sponsor, who will provide all information required, in addition to including supplemental information on the sponsored applicant and the proposed project or program.


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