Early Childhood Education

A plan to transform early childhood care and education in our region

Greater Together Campaign banner featuring Early Childhood Care and EducationEarly childhood care and education is the key to giving every child the start in life they need and deserve. High-quality early childhood education has been shown to have a significant impact on a child’s long-term academic, social and developmental success, and enables parents to participate in the workforce.

When you add it up, it is no wonder that every $1 invested in high-quality early education provides an estimated $9 return to Milwaukee.

Yet despite the significance of early childhood care and education—to every child and to our entire region—half of all Milwaukee children under age 6 lack access to high quality early childhood education, and this shortfall disproportionately affects Black and Latino children during this critical time of their lives.  

For the well-being of our children and the future of our economy, we need to act now. That is why the Greater Milwaukee Foundation is prioritizing early childhood care and education. After several years of growing progress and partnerships that position us to make a significant impact, we now invite you to join us in a generational investment in early childhood.


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Read the Early Childhood Care & Education Priority Case for deeper information on our vision.

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"The MKE Early Childhood Education Coalition is a gamechanger for our early childhood care and education community. We'd been barking up the same trees for a very long time in this sector. To have a coalition that works together to be a catalyst for change - both to mitigate everyday issues and simultaneously work systems change and advocacy - and already have important successes that will help us continue our work." Tamara Johnson, Malaika Early Learning Center Executive Director

Your gift to the Early Childhood Education Fund can fuel the work of the MKE ECE Coalition— comprising the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, Milwaukee Succeeds and dozens of local experts, practitioners and parents—as we advocate for increased public investment, equity-advancing policy and systems change for all of Milwaukee.

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